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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India


Branding / Illustrations / Packaging / Website
With a dearth of products in the cosmeceutical marketplace that are crafted for Indian skin and lifestyle, founders Kaksha and Salonee entered the space with a dream. Skin care backed by science. They had extensive history in the chemical industry, and a personal struggle with finding the right skin potions, and so they decided to leverage their experience into a booming market with a fast filling gap.


In a market saturated with ‘natural’ products and ‘medical’ products, the key to designing for Yellowave was positioning the brand perfectly in a novel space-

where the goodness of nature meets the solutions of science.

Here are the 4 touchpoints that we took into consideration

On Packaging
The Product
The Product bottle

The design reflected natural goodness of the product in a vibrant and nuanced pattern, with the hierarchy of information presented effectively and efficiently, convincing the consumer to open the box. Inside, the bottle was clean and sleek, moving towards its uncompromising core of being a scientific solution with easy application, the movement to Convert and Commit the client to Yellowave, was seamless.



The look and feel of the packaging was extended to the website which was simple and easy to navigate. The UX takes the consumer through the story of the brand and products all the while highlighting the benefits and providing several CTA opportunities. 

The Morphing Brief
Sometimes we need to dig deep to find the core of a brand. And we find it to be an essential step in creating the foundational brief for our work. For Yellowave founders, what began as a vision for a clean, Scandinavian inspired look, clinical and almost ethereal, morphed into what the brand truly stood for. Balance. Science. Nature. Strength. Vitality.

Client’s speack

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Our Work

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