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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India

Woodside Inn

Menus | Social Media | Event Graphics

Woodside Inn is an iconic restaurant and bar chain in Mumbai, India. They are known for their craft beers, cocktails and mouthwatering food. They describe themselves as friendly with an edge. Keeping this aesthetic in mind, we have designed Menus, Event Visuals, Posters etc. for them keeping the style vintage with a modern twist.

Seasonal Menus

Winter Specials Menu, Summer Specials Menu

The Woodside Inn team is always coming up with seasonal dishes and drinks. So in addition to their regular menu, they have multiple seasonal menus in which we have tried to embody the spirit of the season in the Woodside Inn style.


Along with great food, Woodside Inn also has a great ambience. Taking advantage of this, they host a bunch of events for example: they have live music on Wednesdays etc. Here are some of the IPs and visuals we created for these events


We have worked on multiple menus for Woodside Inn including the brunch menu, set lunch menu and various party menus. We wanted to keep the essence of Woodside in consistent while also making each one look unique.

Poster Wall

A glimpse of some of the posters created for the various campaigns and communications to be made for Woodside Inn and their events/IPs

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