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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India

Wedding Invites & Collaterals

Every organization needs its happy-moment; the kind of work that you know will deliver unconditional joy to people, and also in some small way, be a part of the greater celebration of our lives and cultures. For TMB, this joy lies in our expert Wedding Invitation design service. We take on select ‘happily-ever-after’ invites that reflect the joyous union of Indian heart and art with modern, contemporary aesthetics. Our bespoke design is elevated with our specialized production techniques ranging from laser cutting to UV printing, all to ensure that a magnificent invitation sets the tone for the wedding of your dreams.
The Italian Dream Wedding
A London-based couple had chosen the charming town of Siena, Italy as their wedding destination. We created an invite with a
pattern inspired by Italian tiles that were representative of their chosen venue.
The envelope featuring the tiled pattern was offset by simple and elegant contrasting inserts for the various wedding functions.
East meets West
 A Western style wedding with a Desi touch. 
When an American marries an Indian, the wedding invite needed to represent the aesthetics of both nationalities. The result – a wedding invite with classic, elegant layouts, with a hints of bright colour and traditional, gold foiled symbols representing the desi side of the wedding.
Garden City Peacock Invite
We designed an elaborate, peacock-themed wedding card for a young couple’s nuptials. The envelope flap was gold foiled and laser-cut to mimic the wings of a peacock. The inserts had the peacock in various forms
to reflect the nature of each individual wedding function/event.
Frame Wedding Card
An invite created for a Mumbai-based couple’s beach destination wedding.
 The invite doubled up as a keepsake for the wedding guests to display the photos taken at the wedding, 
 and the painting insert held special significance as it was created by the groom’s mother.
Fruits of Love
For a couple that did not want to use the typical wedding florals, we associated each of these fruits based on their symbolic meanings with their respective event.
Each card was handpainted with watercolours.
The Coorgi Wedding
Coorg, a hill station known for its imposing mountains and misty landscapes, is a haven for nature lovers. Which was the inspiration behind the wedding invite. The invitation had four components, the ‘save the date’ invite, the wedding card, the booklet for local treats illustrated with names and local significance, and the cocktail menu. All four components featured
 different species of flora and fauna unique to Coorg onto the card, 
creating something elegant and minimal.
Sun Invite
The couple to be wed had requested that the theme of their wedding card be the sun, as
 the groom was an astrophysicist who studies the sun. 
We created a festive-themed wedding card in the warm colours of the sun, coupled with intricate gold laser cuts that mimics the rays of the sun, which is also coincidentally our design studio’s signature style.
We created an invite for a wedding in Mumbai, India – one that is a mix of modern and traditional elements.
 Flowery, Moghul inspired design is delicately illustrated in a contemporary context 
and finished with an elegant, calligraphy font to complete the handmade feel as seen in 15th century miniature paintings.
Kerela La La
The Magic Beans designed a floral wedding card, 
where each occasion was represented by a different flower. 

Since the chosen destination for the wedding was Kerala, the elephant was also a recurring element in all function inserts and other wedding paraphernalia such as luggage tags, room key cardholders, and itineraries.
Go Goa!
The Magic Beans combined
geometric patterns, floral motifs, and light, pastel colours

to put together a wedding card f or a ceremony in Goa that was as inviting as the destination itself.
Signature Round Card
An award winning wedding card, The Magic Beans designed an invite layered with multiple print treatments.
The studio’s first round card, its unusual shape and colour combinations created a buzz in the wedding industry.
Featuring etched illustrations and gold plating, the lotus motif was the focus – with colours that matched wonderfully with the bridal outfit.
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