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LED World Forum

Identity / Website
The fourth edition of the World Forum of Local Economic Development took place in Praia, the capital city of Cabo Verde in October 2017. This event was part of an open working process, started in 2011, which promotes an international dialogue and shares experiences on Local Economic Development (LED).

It provides the opportunity to transform a global alliance of engaged actors into concrete partnerships at the country and local level. Its remarkable potential stems from the large number of diverse leaders and practitioners from national and subnational governments, the private sector, academia, civil society, and others. They work together to stimulate policies fro sustainable local development- to achieve their ultimate implementation on ground.

The website for the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development was an informational key to the functioning of the actual forum.


With event listings of 50 sessions including high-level plenary sessions, interactive panels, policy dialogues, and many other activities that offered the opportunity to more than 250 speakers and world representatives to discuss and share their vision about local Economic Development, the website functioned like a continuous conduit of information to both the participants and the media.

Design Thinking

The forum has a strong mandate to communicate in both English as well as the primary language of the host country, in this case Spanish. We needed to create a design distinction without creating a prominent exclusion. This was particularly important as the agenda for the Forum was to reduce inequality in the world.

 We created a colour politer to distinguish between the two languages, while carrying forward the graphic element from the brand that spoke of connections and connectivity to ensure that we reflected the binding nature of the conference.

We also animated the logo, giving a purview of the entire world and not a particular part to reflect inclusion in diversity

The Multilingual Brief
To be trusted to carry forward the brand of an organization of such stature is a privilege. What sets it apart from most other projects was the need to create unity while displaying an evident distinction. Creating a separation that allowed the core to remain visible and prominent was of critical importance and living in a country like India, we took inspiration from the translucent saree ‘palla’ that covers many a different faces in our culturally and linguistically diverse country.
Client’s speak
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