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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India

The Machan

The Machan is a luxury eco-resort offering ‘machans’ or treehouses, built right in the midst of the forest. Creating alchemy with nature, each Machan has been carefully designed to minimize any impact on its natural surroundings while sharing with itsguests the unparalleled views that can only be found by living within nature itself.

Key Plan

The website for The Machan was the first and primary touch point that would work as branding, advertising, marketing and outright selling for the consumer. We understood that
it had to be largely experiential.
But to further design an easy to navigate website that was effective for its user journey, we needed to outline a key map.

Destress Forest

Limit our accommodation thus reducing the stress on the forest

Organic Gardening

All flowers grown organically within the property


80% of all grey water recycled to water plants on property

Solar Cooking

50% of all meals cooked on parabolic solar cookers


100% off grid and generate all our energy from renewable sources (Solar and wind)

Energy Efficiency
Only CFL bulbs used for
lighting needs
The website for The Machan needed to
reflect the sustainability
of the offering and the experience of nature, while enveloping it in luxury that ‘made sense’.

Visual Language




Luxury and Nature

The Machan Brief
The brief, while primarily for a website, needed to above all bind these 3 elements of Nature Experiences, Sustainability and Luxury, with some kind of common thread. The foundation of that thread lay in The Machan itself. A tree house by name, the communication needed to elevate itself and provide a birds eye view of the symbiosis created by bringing the three facets to an experience.From evocative pictures to the historic sustainability of the project, the respect for and dignity of nature was most evident.
Client’s speak
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