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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India


Branding / Print / Spaces
Jetking has been a household name since 1947 when it arrived in the then new India as an electronics company. The ‘transistor’ pioneer, their leadership has taken them on a continuously evolving journey. Today, they stand as India’s foremost computer networking institute committed to creating a better life for students, franchisees, recruiters, and investors. They are moulding the Innovators of the future.
Template for Communication
With 70 sites all over India and Asia, they needed a spatial visual communication design hat could be replicated across all institutes, and boast of internationalizing the educational space.
The Motivational Brief
Most prevalent in any communication of the Jetking brand was the ‘aspirational’ quality of its sharing. Be it the nature of the quotes for the students to read on the walls when taking a break from the screen, or the vision to cultivate the next generation into tech leaders, the core value of ‘dream to be’ was reflected across all platforms.

Client’s speack

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