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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India
Spilling The Beans

The Beans

September 11, 2023
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Who We Are & What We Do Here at The Magic Beans

We are a cluster of interdisciplinary creative minds that come together to help brands concoct a steaming and invigorating branding strategy, design execution and social media solutions across industries, products and services. We dont claim to be magicians but our capabilities are much like  the beans of the beanstalk that had Jack enjoying them to his benefit.

As Indian website design companies and Indian graphic design companies go, we are a design lead communications agency that specializes in crafting a unique visual language for brands across the industry spectrum.

This design studio in Mumbai understands and values how much more there is to brands than what they’re called and what you see when they are making a first impression. Brands are living, breathing characters that have whims and fancies, feuds and battles, journeys to places of their own. But we won’t see those facets of them until we don’t understand the language they speak. As a predominantly graphic design company that specializes in end to end communication solutions including branding, design execution,  web UI and social media as well. We think, learn, imagine, sift, and streamline until we can create meaning for the brand. At the Magic Beans Studio we call this the process of “anthropomorphizing your branding”.

10 years and 10 countries strong (and counting), we help brands create, converse and communicate using principles of design thinking and design execution that harness engagement. If passion is our reason to be, purpose is our driving force. We spend our best times working on brands of change, striving with them for a more inclusive and sustainable world. Our primary focus is and has always been to  help you anthropomorphize your vision.

We Understand the Importance of a Sound Brand Identity

The true success of branding is when it has the ability to live and evolve in the minds and hearts of its most loyal customers. This is why getting its identity absolutely spot on is so extremely crucial to the future of the business. A well thought out branding identity is the first step for any business across products and services to be seen, heard and perceived correctly in the minds of their target audiences. Setting up and sustaining a sound brand identity is imperative.  

First Impressions

The identity of your branding is not just making it a first impression. It is in fact the face of your business for further transactions as well. Any brand identity needs to associate with the ethos of your company and not just look or sound “cool” and contemporary.

The Trust of Credibility

Having a sound brand identity in place doesn’t just make your product or service more memorable and recognisable. It also makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace where there are several other brands who are vying for your share of the pie.

Future Advertising

A brand’s identity is essentially a template for everything you would include on an advertisement, digital or otherwise. A brand with a face and industry credibility is always better prepared to promote itself and make a strong and immediate impression on potential buyers, thereby justifying huge advertising costs and budgets as well.

Generating New Customers

A comprehensively created brand identity will also help you generate new business by enticing and calling out to newer potential customers. An attractive logo, tagline and colour palette all help to draw a potential customer towards your service hence making it an essential component to increase sales as well. Add quality, brochure designs and website UI design to this list and you have a winner.

Delighting Existing Ones

A brand identity does not just play a part in attracting more and newer customers to your products and services. It also plays an integral role in maintaining stickiness which results in what are possible repeat transactions. A consistent brand identity gives repeat customers a sense of familiarity and belonging.

Brand Design

Brand visuals or design are the visible symbols that people immediately associate with your business. Your logo, font, and typography used, specific visuals, even brand ambassadors are what identifies your brand and declutters it from the scores of other companies that are also selling their products and services online. It’s not surprising that getting the look and visuals of your brand correct is such an important step to establishing and running a successful E-commerce entity.

These 5 below elements are what form the foundation of an effective branding design and this is what we will look into in greater detail now.


A logo is what differentiates your brand from all the other competition in your prospective target market. It is the visual face of your brand and one that is most commonly used to recognize your brand by your prospective end consumer.


72% of the best brand names are made up of words or acronyms. Yes, you read that right. This is why getting the font; font style and the clarity of the font correct for a logo can be an important consideration when you are looking to have an effective branding design for your brand.


Color improves branding recognition by up to 80% Being able to associate a brand just by its colours is something that the biggest and best brands in the world are always tying to covet. The likes of Coca Cola in red or Citi Bank in blue are so synonymous largely just with the colours that these respective brands advertise by.  

Design language

On average, it takes five to seven impressions for people to remember your branding. Once you have your logo, font, colors, and visuals in place it is important to develop a sense of continuity and consistency in all your marketing campaigns going forward. The only way your customer will identify your branding regularly is when it talks the same design language for a long period.

Website Development and UI

Sound web development is the foundation to set up a successful digital branding presence for your brand. The primary task of web development is to be able to construct optimized websites so that you can start selling online and also be able to sustain them in a world where competition becomes incredibly merciless.

According to statistics procured online, there are an astonishing 1.88 billion active websites running on the world wide web as we know it and this figure is remarkably showing a fast rate of increase. There are known to be at any given point of time 4.66 billion active internet users around the globe. Don’t you think your brand should have a presence amongst such numbers as well?

Full Stack Social Media Agency

Social Media is not only about fun and games with attractive filters and reels allowing you to document the more mirthful parts of your lives. When used correctly and by an expert, social media has the potential to not just be a direct money earner, it can also become an important way to boost your SEO strategy. Yes, let that sink in for just a bit. The importance of Social Media in ensuring that your brand is recognized is integral. To have an engaging presence across new and evolving platforms is what makes this function an important tool as a part of your brand’s overall marketing and design strategy.

So, there you have it. The Magic Beans individually represent important facets of your branding. But collectively we bring about a metamorphosis for your brand. Right from the branding strategy to the design of the logo and other collateral to your digital presence that encapsulates both your website and the social media, we’ve got your back.Much like the beans from the beanstalk had Jacks!

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