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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India

Waffle Mill

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Waffle Mill is India’s one stop, Waffle Shop! What started as a small home bakery is quickly growing into a pan India brand with an ever-expanding range of products, available in stores across the country!

Together with their team we have not only rebranded the company but actively work with them to keep up their visual language with their ever growing offerings across various mediums.


Waffle Chips, Waffle Cookies, Waffle Mixes, Frozen Toaster Waffles, Pancake Mixes

Waffle Mill wanted their packaging with fun, whimsical colours while still maintaining some of their original visuals that their customers know and love. To maintained the strong recall value, we kept their signature typeface and brown consistent while working on clean, yet fun visuals that eye-catching even when spotted in the cluttered environment of stores.

Waffle Chips

While updating the old packaging, we wanted to do away with the browns and beiges and take a more colourful approach. This makes the flavours easily distinguishable and unmissable on the shelf

Waffle Cookies

For the Waffle Cookies, we decided on having a colourful band distinguishing the flavours from one another. This band also has a subtle pattern mimicking the texture of the actual cookies

Frozen Toaster Waffles

For the Frozen Waffles, the main aim was to highlight the USPs of the product. We’ve kept the layout clean but in fun bright colours to help them stand out in the freezer section of a store.

Waffle Mixes

For the Waffle Mixes, we have a band that represents a table cloth to invoke the feeling of making waffles at home on a Sunday morning. The plaid band also represents the checked texture seen on waffles.

Pancake Mixes

For the Pancake Mixes, similar to the Waffle mixes, we have a patterned band that represents a table cloth to invoke the feeling of making pancakes at home on a Sunday morning. The pattern on the band represents the circular shape of pancakes.

Marketing Material

Standees, Posters, Banners, Brochures… and more

The marketing material included large scale, outdoor and indoor communication as well as detailed print and digital communication. Carrying forward the fun visuals from their packaging and brand visuals, we put together multiple posters, banners, brochures and more.

Digital Platforms
The Waffle Mill products are sold across many digital platforms like amazon,
as well as their own website. To showcase their product range, we created a range of banners, social media posts, web layouts, a few of which we have showcased here.
Social Media
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The Molecular Brief
The brief of a homegrown brand varies greatly from that of a chain of stores. But for us at TMB, we worked from the getgo on building the brand of SHM organically, adding tiny molecules to the greater whole, that allowed them to transform into different variants, from seasonal packaging to nice products, holding true to the core of the SHM brand. Blue. Cookie. Mouthwateringly Delicious.

Client’s speak

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