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Snapdeal is an online marketplace launched in 2011. Bringing the highstreet online, and making it available to buyers and sellers all over the country, Snapdeal received multiple rounds of funding and crafted itself into a household name. The brand organically reinvented its strategy to bring the Indian ‘bazaars’ to an e-commerce platform, creating the bustling experience online.

Localizing the Brand

The need with every internationally designed brand, is to create a strong local brand story for it, and the more varied uses and touch points of the brand, the more significant a role the Brand Guidelines play for consistent communication. We built the Snapdeal Brand Guidelines on the identity grid, using it as the foundation for all communication.

Visual Language

While they had a strong identity in place, Snapdeal needed to create a coherent brand around the identity that translated into a focused visual language to be used across all communication.

The UNBOXING experience

Snapdeal delivers a brand that is, above all else, about the unboxing of the package it brings to you. With packaging that is distinct from its competitors, it was identified as the first touchpoint for a customer’s experience with their actual purchase. Pivoting on the emotions of ‘the best is yet to come’ and the aspiration ‘possibilities’ that come with the unboxing of your package, Snapdeal created their signature red box.

Client’s speack

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