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Ballard Estate Mumbai, India


Branding / Campaign / Packaging
In 1999 DeGustibus Hospitality launched Indigo, the game-changing fine-dining restaurant, making it one of India’s first standalone restaurants. Transforming the way people entertain and celebrate, it set the tone for superior food anchored by an equal experience.
6 years later, they launched Indigo Deli in Colaba, Mumbai, the first branch of a casual-dining eatery chain.
The move was lateral, and yet, the quality remained consistent.
Their mastery in the food experience was complete when they further grew the brand to offer a QSR product with Indigo Burger Project.
Visual Language
With a statement brand, positioning is key, and so it is of critical importance for the messaging to be consistent a cross all communication. For Indigo, we designed to maintain the
minimalist, European style to reflect the cuisine and quality of ingredients.
Indigo Deli needed something different. More.
We expanded the legacy to a visual language of warmth and comfort. ‘Hygge’
While the brand of Indigo symbolizes the joy and ease of eating, they mean serious business when it comes to quality of ingredients.
With the launch of Indigo Burger Project, we crafted a communication strategy that launched off this aspect of Indigo’s equity but evoked an entirely fun and accessible message.
Why? Because the audience was entirely different. Indigo now needed to talk to a consumer that had banked the Indigo trust, but wanted a ‘yum’ ‘VFM’ snack and an entirely different spatial experience with their legendary food trunk.
Expanding the Offering
Over time Indigo Deli became synonymous with quality, handmade breads, and the move to create a chain of products for take-away from the Deli counter was as organic as it was conscious.
We created a gamut of category brands,
for Jams, Spreads and Icecreams, with a focus on the ingredients and process.
The brand packaging reflected the small-batch, handmade nature of the products. With nuanced, circular, watercolour art,
we communicated trust by mirroring the ‘transparency’ Indigo Deli believes in so strongly,
seen in the part-open kitchens in their restaurants and their vocalized promise to use the best of ingredients.
The Molecular Brief
The brief of a homegrown brand varies greatly from that of a chain of stores. But for us at TMB, we worked from the getgo on building the brand of SHM organically, adding tiny molecules to the greater whole, that allowed them to transform into different variants, from seasonal packaging to nice products, holding true to the core of the SHM brand. Blue. Cookie. Mouthwateringly Delicious.

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