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Cogoport, a logistics aggregator, makes it easier for small and medium-sized exporters and importers to grow their business internationally. Using ground-breaking technology and analytics that enables its users to move freight faster, cheaper and more efficiently, Cogoport positions themselves as an international logistics data-driven market place, and helps manage end-to-end freight logistics for their customers. Their web-based solution provides instant freight rates, helps simplify booking and tracking shipments. Born in 2016, they now have a bank of over 30,000 SMEs using their services.

Visual Language for Value Addition

The young firm delivers their services with a difference, and providing additional value to their customer is what sets this firm apart.

This value addition is ‘information.’


Strategically created and targeted informational communication provides customers with the extra know-how they need to understand and progress in their industry. This pathway also works as a conduit for Cogoport to grow. How?

By opening doors to conversation

with organically multiplying audiences, and by establishing themselves as an expert brand.

This creative strategy, so dependent on the information, required us to devise a

consistent and unique visual language

for Cogoport, that manifested from the strong brand itself.

Solution: Infographic

We made longform
information into digestible pieces

that allowed the customer to read and understand it in the shortest possible time. Creating a visual aid that cued from this information, helped create the additional dimension that provided value addition to the value addition.
Community Collaterals
With on ground events that aggregated entire industries, it was essential to carry this language forward into every communication facet, with a single prerogative: Communicating for and to Community.
The Median Brief
Communication is always tricky. Effective and efficient communication is even trickier. With a strong, young brand like Cogoport, we needed to embody their vision for sharing ‘more’ by creating ‘more’ for them, while ensuring we struck a perfect balance between educating and making that education interesting enough to lead to a CTA.

Client’s speack

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