Customised, illustrated wallpaper for a baby's room.

Trade Stall for TE-AME Teas

SNAPDEAL: Wall mural created for the Snapdeal headquarters in Delhi

MADHU JAYANTI LTD: Trade stall for a tea company dealing mainly in packaging of tea.

SWEETISH HOUSE MAFIA: Wall graphics that were part of the overall branding of a popular cookie store

KID'S ROOM WALLPAPER in the theme of Alice In Wonderland, depicting the incident of the Madhatter's Tea Party

MEESO: Branding done for a Pan asian restaurant at T2 Mumbai Airport with the menu designed on the exterior to grab the attention of passers by

JETKING: Motivational infographs created for the walls of Jetking's Training Centers. Jetking is a Computer Hardware &
Networking Institute, located in more than 50 cities in India.